When it came to weaning, we decided to wait until six months. Ivo’s never been a huge eater, and I was worried his milk intake would drop to sharply, plus I was a little bit nervous about the next step! So with a certain level of trepidation, and with Gina Ford’s The Contented Little Baby Book Of Weaning clasped in my sweaty hand, we started with a bit of baby rice mixed with formula. He loved it! And since then, he’s been eating with gusto, trying out pear, apple, carrot, sweet potato and even courgette {which I thought tasted foul!}. There’s a few pieces of kit that I’ve found absolutely essential – and I thought I’d share them with you, if you’re planning to wean your baby. Take a look, and do tell me your suggestions!

{I want this} Clockwise from top left

 Philips Jamie Oliver Hand Blender, £54.84 – This fantastic blender is all you need to puree vegetables into a satisfying baby-friendly mush

✿ Tommee Tippee Explora Weaning Kit, £9.49 – This is a fantastic kit & very reasonably priced. It’s all you need for the first few weeks of weaning. The spoons are lovely and soft, and the pots perfect for storing purees in the fridge over night. I haven’t used the First Sips Cup yet, but the larger mashing pot is great for travelling, as it stores the spoon safely.

✿ Annabel Karmel’s Weaning, £6.99 – I always like to refer to two books when it comes to working out what’s best to do with Ivo. Annabel’s book has lots of lovely recipe ideas, in an easy to read format.

✿ Bumbo Seat & Play Tray Combo Pack, £47.45 – When I first bought the Bumbo, I wasn’t really sure how we’d end up using it. But now Ivo’s weaning, it’s come into its own! We wedge him in safely, and he loves bashing an empty lid against the play tray while he eats. Once he’s a bit bigger will advance to the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair, but for the meantime, the Bumbo is king!

 Colourful bowls from Ikea, £1 – cheap and cheerful, they’re the perfect size. Ikea also has a fantastic range of cups and cutlery for only £1, so I’ll be buying those once he’s a bit bigger.

✿ Tommee Tippee Explora Roll N Go Bib, £3.49 – I wasn’t sure which bib would be the best, so I bought two. This one is brilliant at catching drips and spills, and it’s easy to rinse. However, Ivo sometimes gets distracted, and tries to gum it, rather than his food.

✿ Gina Ford’s The Contented Little Baby Book Of Weaning, £6.65 – Ivo is a Gina Ford baby, so I was bound to use her book for weaning. She’s helped me get him into a fantastic sleeping routine, and I’m more-or-less following her weaning timetable.

✿ MAM Bibetta Ultra Bib Bubbles, £4.43 – This is the second bib I bought – it’s machine washable, and less gummable. It’s softer around his neck, and super easy to roll and pack for trips away.

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