Before my baby was born, I made a few little forays into buying baby clothes. Not too many, because I’d inherited an entire wardrobe from my nephew, but just enough to dip my toe in the market. The truth was, I had no idea what to buy. In fact, when I was about 8 months pregnant, I suddenly realised I didn’t even know what babies wear. I mean obviously they wear bodysuits and sleepsuits, but did they wear them at the same time? And what about socks? So I Googled it, and luckily I’m not the first first-time mother to ask the question! However, I definitely bought a few things that never got used – so here is my list of five things not to buy a newborn. P.S. Forward this article to your friends before your baby shower!

 Jumpers or Cardigans with Hoods 
I was always paranoid that my baby would somehow manage to suffocate the moment my back was turned. Hoods just create too much material, and if it’s that cold, it’s easier to put a hat on them.

 Expensive Cashmere Anything 
We bought this gorgeous French C de C jumper in the sale for £20. But every time I came to put it on him, it wasn’t the right time. It was either time to feed him {too dribbly}, or time for him to go to sleep {too hot}. So in the end, it never got worn. The same would count for leggings. One explosive poo, and it’s all over.

 Sleepsuits with Poppers Down The Back 
Would you like to lie on a line of poppers? Nope, didn’t think so. Unless they popper up the front, they’re not going to get worn. Sleepsuits with poppers at the bottom are also slightly annoying, as you have to drag so much material over your baby’s head before you can do them up.

 Anything with Lots of Tiny Buttons 
Admittedly newborns don’t wriggle that much when you’re changing them, but they soon get the hang of squirming at the wrong moment. And they often cry on the changing mat. So you want clothes that are easy to do up, and in the world of baby clothes, poppers are king.

 Scratch Mittens 
They don’t stay on. The only option for covering scratchy nails is sleepsuits with special foldable sleeves. My favourites are these Mothercare Sleepsuits.

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