Baby Weaning – My Favourite Recipe Book

At first, baby food is pretty easy to prepare. You just steam the fruit or veg, mash it up, and bingo – you’ve got healthy, hearty grub. Later on, it all gets a bit harder. I’m terrible at cooking for myself, let alone for another small person. Thank goodness for Annabel Karmel. Before I bought her book, I didn’t really get why so many mothers swore by her recipes, but now I reckon she’s all you need to get baby weaning right. I make huge batches of her food, and freeze individual portions in bags like these. In the early days, when I was just making the purees, I used extra-large ice-trays, and then emptied out the nuggets into freezer bags. At a year old, Ivo’s current favourite is Annabel’s Baked Risotto. It’s incredibly easy to cook, and it’s an amazing base for left-overs – whether it’s bits of fish or chicken, with added frozen veg like peas. Now Ivo’s a bit older, I make these pieces a bit bigger, but you could easily blend them up first.

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