Considering each baby uses nearly 6000 nappies in a lifetime, you can imagine the amount of money the big companies spend on advertising their nappies. And I think that’s why at the back of my mind, I still think that Pampers must be better than own-brand supermarket nappies. Maybe they do spend more money on research, and maybe therefore the moisture is wicked away from your baby’s skin faster, but after trying out several brands, I honestly can’t tell the difference. When Ivo was a newborn, we started using Pampers, mainly because at Boots, you got a free changing bag if you bought a pack of Pampers and joined the Parenting Club. {I’d actually do this again – the mat in the changing bag is really large and useful}. There’s no disputing they’re great nappies, and they have this super-useful line that runs up the front which turns blue when they’re wet – a great innovation for brand-new clueless parents. But once you’ve got past the two month stage, and you’re feeling more confident, I’d definitely recommend moving onto the cheaper nappies. They’re literally half the price. We’ve tried Sainsburys Little Ones, Asda Little Angels and Tesco Loves Baby, and they’re all super-similar in standard. I liked the pictures on the Sainsburys ones – but because I get my groceries delivered by Tescos, we’ve tended to bulk buy from them. Ivo’s now in Size 5 – how did that happen!!

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