Easy-Peasy Baby Bathing Tip

This is one for all those soon-to-be, or new mothers out there. Regular readers will know I love bath-time with Ivo, and it’s been part of our bedtime routine since he was three weeks old. But how do you get your baby out the bath without getting soaked? There are special apron towels that you can buy, but we reckon we’ve found an even better solution….a towelling dressing gown. We keep one in the bathroom especially, and it works perfectly. No clumsy fiddling with extra towels, just a warm and cosy hug! Plus it’s a lovely excuse to buy a new dressing gown!

{I want this!} 1. Anorak Kissing Stags Unisex Bathrobe | 2. Anorak Rabbit Unisex Bathrobe, both £75 from John Lewis

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