I don’t think there’s anything that fills me with more dread….the prospect of a flight with a toddler and a baby. We’re flying back to the UK on holiday in a couple of days – and I fear it’s going to be seven hours of hell. Thank goodness my husband is flying with me – two adults, two children, we’re bigger – surely we can keep control? I’ve read a lot online about how to keep your kids entertained on a flight, and I’ve prepared a pack for both boys in advance. Here are my top toys to keep a toddler busy on a plane, I’ll post the baby one tomorrow. Please chip in with comments – I’d love to hear your suggestions.

P.S. I know how busy you can get before a holiday, so I’ve made sure everything is available to buy online. Either by click on the links, or see everything on my Flying with Kids Amazon Wish List. If you live in Dubai, I really recommend Daiso – it’s a super-cheap Japanese shop in Dubai Mall & Oasis Mall.

1. Snacks
– Eating is entertainment. Raisins, plain pasta, Cheerios, Organix crisps – anything small and fiddly which takes time to eat. Aim for snacks that don’t stain, squidge or melt {yes I know – virtually impossible}.

2. Stickers – It doesn’t matter what type of sticker – you just want loads. Post-it notes will do – even strips of sticky tape or washi tape. Bring paper, or encourage your toddler to stick them on his body. For added hilarity, attach them to Daddy’s face. We love Peppa Pig Sticker Books as well.

3. Torch – One of my friends suggested this as an unexpected entertainment champion. I chose a credit card sized pocket torch {see the middle of the picture with a tropical scene}. It’ll take Ivo a while to work out how to work it, and it’s not too bright to annoy anyone. Plus, it’s silent – an essential attribute of any on-board toy.

4. New Stuff – I popped to our local £-store, Daiso, and bought a whole load of cheap and cheerful party-bag style toys. Thomas the Tank Engine books, a creepy stretchy lizard, a little London bus, whatever you want, but the secret is to wrap them up. Other mummy blogs recommend one for every hour of travel. I’ve gone for two {I have boys}. Use these striped paper bags for the wrapping, otherwise you’ll be there for hours with paper and tape. If you haven’t got a local £ shop, I recommend searching for ‘party bag toys’ on eBay or Amazon.

5. Colouring pencils & Paper – So far so obvious, but only pack four pencils, you don’t want to turn your back and discover the one you forgot to put away is being used to draw on the wall.

6. Tape Measure, Twizzle Ties & Pots of Pompoms – These fall into the ‘random things your child will spend ages trying to figure out’ category. You never know what will be the thing that keeps them busy for an hour, but it’s worth packing a few odds and sods on the off chance. Ivo’s really into ‘sorting’, so I’ll mix up the pompoms and encourage him to put each colour in a different pot.

7. Koosh Ball – Another recommendation from a mummy blog. These are much loved by children with autism, who feel the need to fidget. Sensory toys like these squishy, fronded koosh balls calm them down. They work on children without autism too – Ivo loves them – he pulls at the strings, brushes it on his face and other surfaces, and passes it from hand to hand. Plus it functions as a soft ball that doesn’t roll away {under airplane seats for example}.

8. Playdoh & Tools – Voted the most popular toy among two to five year olds in a British Airways survey. Finger puppets were one of the other favourites, which my children don’t find entertaining at all. I fear the playdoh may end up in my hair

9. Puzzles – Ivo’s just got into simple jigsaws. We’ll be taking a few of the smaller ones we already own on the flight, but if you’re buying, we love this Peppa Pig puzzle set and this Farm Puzzle Set.

10. Froggy Headphones & iPad Stand – If all else fails, we’ll resort to watching Peppa Pig on the iPad using these fantastic over-ear froggy headphones. We try to avoid screen time as much as possible, so I’m not very keen on Apps or Games, but every now and then you have to resort to the TV babysitter.

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  1. matildaabroad on June 26, 2015 at 9:35 am

    Hi Georgia, another small but hugely useful one: balloons! Our little one is smaller than your boys but blowing up a balloon, then letting it go and deflate so that she gets a breeze in her face can keep her busy for ages (plus she loves the farty noise).

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