Alice at 40 weeks

This is a guest post from my friend, Alice Cowen. She’s a personal trainer to the stars, and recently gave birth to her own baby boy, Indigo. Here’s her first post about exercising while you’re pregnant!

If you’d like more information about personal training with Alice {via Skype – ideal for new mothers at home}, or her amazing Bootique exercise retreats in Mallorca, take a look at her blog and Facebook page.

You need to exercise throughout pregnancy to maintain
* strength * flexibility * endurance *
Low impact exercise is the best for you
* swimming * walking * yoga * aqua-natal classes *
If you’ve not been very active before your pregnancy, then check with your midwife or GP that it’s safe for you to start doing it now.
While you’re exercising
* keep hydrated
* avoid high impact activity, running or contact sports
* keep your pulse below 140 bpm
* avoid over stretching yourself – exercising for 20 minutes, 3 times a week is plenty
STOP exercising if you overheat, feel tired, unwell, or feel any pain.

How to exercise your tummy muscles 
Your tummy muscles protect your back and support your growing baby. As these muscles stretch they become weaker. Exercise helps maintain strength which will make it easier for you to keep a good posture.

Avoid exercises such as sit ups, but gentle tummy exercises can help relieve backache, such as this one…..
* Start off sitting comfortably, supported with pillows
* Breathe in, and as you breathe out, pull in the low abdominal muscles underneath your bump
* Relax
* And repeat 5 to 10 times, twice a day

You can do this exercise on all-fours as well…..
* Keep your back flat in order to avoid rounding and hollowing
* Breath in, and as you breath out pull your abdominal muscles up

Pelvic Floor muscles are also very important to strengthen, but we will go into that another day.


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