My Five Favourite Baby Apps

An iPhone app helped me get pregnant {!} so it should come as no surprise that I was keen to find out which applications would help me most with looking after my baby. There’s a fantastic selection out there, offering everything from breastfeeding advice, to sleep timers, photo diaries and feed logs. Ivo’s now four months old, and my iPhone’s never far from my hand, so here are my five favourite baby apps, plus some honourable mentions.

✿ iBaby Feed, {£1.99} – Our baby was in hospital for the first week of his life, and the midwives kept track of his every feed, nappy and sleep on his chart. It was essential he got enough milk, and once we were allowed to take him home, I needed somewhere to record his feeds. iBaby worked brilliantly. I record every minute of breastfeeding and ml of formula, along with his dirty nappies. The log is simple and easy to use, and you can analyse your baby’s data on fantastic graphs. Some days I worry {unnecessarily} that he hasn’t taken enough milk. The graphs reassure me that he’s had the same as the day before. A life-saver for those bleary early weeks when you don’t get enough sleep, and you can’t remember your name, let alone which breast from which your baby last fed.

Baby Centre My Baby Today {FREE} – While I was pregnant I loved the Baby Centre My Pregnancy Today application, so I happily upgraded to My Baby Today after Ivo was born. This fantastic app gives you cheerful day-by-day advice. The tone is just right, and I’ve loved the game suggestions. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to play with your newborn, and they have several great ideas, that have helped my son develop key skills, like standing with support.

✿  Collect Every Day Photo Diary {FREE} – This calendar photo app reminds me to take a daily picture of my baby, so I can track each and every one of the precious early days. My aim is to use this app as a diary of all his early milestones – from smiling, to rolling, and eventually crawling and walking! I didn’t actually download this app until last week, and I’ve spent the last few days going through all my pictures and allocating them to their dates in the calendar. If you want to do the same, it’s worth downloading Photo Date {FREE}, as it pulls up the date and time data from your iPhone pictures. 

✿ Amazon, {FREE} – This app saved me from having to make trips to the shops for everything from nappies to bottle-teats and toys. The Prime service meant that anything I ordered came directly to my front door the next day. They’ve never let me down, and they’re usually cheaper than everyone else. Can you tell I’m a big Amazon fan?!

✿ iBooks, {FREE} – Breastfeeding is seriously time-consuming! And while it’s lovely to bond with your baby by gazing into their eyes, sometimes they’re half-asleep, or just happily noshing. This is when iBooks comes into its own. Buy a good junky novel, and swipe away, turning the pages on your iPhone. So much lighter than a real book, and much easier to handle, it even glows in the dark for those night-time feeds next to your husband. I recommend the Twilight books for some seriously disposable fiction, but you could also download parenting books like those by Gina Ford.

White Noise, {FREE} – In the early days, this app was a key tool in helping Ivo get to sleep, particularly when we were staying at friends’ houses. You can choose various sounds – we preferred the fan – and once it’s playing, it drowns out other external noises. A complete life-saver if your bedroom happens to be next door to the kitchen, or overlooking a noisy street. You can leave it to turn itself off after a set time, and although it drains your battery a bit, it’s not particularly thirsty.

Other honourable mentions

 Facebook & Instagram, {both FREE}- For keeping up with all those friends you don’t see anymore! And for posting pictures of your gorgeous new baby.

✿ MailOnline, {FREE} – It’s not right, and it’s not okay, but it’s the most amazing app ever for naughty gossip. Another great late-night breastfeeding read. You could always balance it with BBC News or the Guardian apps, to feed your brain.

Spotify, {FREE or £9.99 a month} – This brilliant app is the only way to listen to music. Instead of buying albums, we’ve just signed up to the subscription service {£9.99 a month}, and we can listen to pretty much any song we want, for free. You can either stream them directly from the internet, or choose to download them onto your phone. What’s particularly fantastic from a baby point of view, is that they have tonnes of nursery rhyme albums, so you can listen along, and in my case, learn the words again!

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