The Six Best Maternity & Nursing Pillows

Until you get pregnant, you don’t really appreciate the wonders of the pillow. Right now I’m eight months pregnant, and I can just about get comfortable with three pillows, and they have to be exactly the right shape, size and puffiness. I’ve bought one maternity pillow, and borrowed another from a friend, and they have their own distinct personalities and uses. I’d hugely recommend the DreamGenii, there’s something very comforting about them, and although they’re expensive new, you can buy second-hand ones on eBay for about £25. I also bought this cheap and cheerful V-shaped pillow from Debenhams for £25, which they delivered the next day, despite it being huge! Which maternity pillow would you recommend?

{Best Maternity & Nursing Pillows} 1. DreamGenii Maternity Support Pillow from Amazon, £40 | 2. Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow (Big V) from John Lewis, £45  3. The Cozy Cuddler Side Sleeper from The Pregnancy Pillow Shop, £38.90 | Bottom 1. Theraline Dodo Pillow | 2. The Mum E Pregnancy Pillow from The Pregnancy Pillow Shop, £ | 3. Baroo Nursing Pillow by Tippitoes, £19.99

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