Back when I was pregnant for the first time, I remember wandering into Boots to check out the baby section. It was like entering a different universe. There were so many variations of products, I had no idea how mothers chose. Luckily a few weeks later a few friends sent me their amazing Baby Essentials Lists, which helped me on my way, and a year later, I’ve worked my way through most of the products on the market. One of the products that really got me obsessed were the wipes. At first the midwifes recommend you use cotton wool and sterilised water. I managed this for about a day, and then moved onto Pampers Sensitive Wipes, mainly because they came in a white packet and therefore looked the purist. As Ivo became more wriggly, the ease and speed with which the wipes came out of the packet become key – almost to the point of obsession – hence my extensive research! Here are my reviews – do leave a comment and tell me which you prefer.

 Water Wipes, £25 for 12 packs of 60 – These tick all the organic boxes, as they don’t have any soap in them, just water and 0.1% fruit extract {know idea how they figured that out!}. Plus you can order great big boxes of them from Amazon, and I’m all about buying in bulk. But they’re not very wet. And my biggest bugbear – they don’t come out of the packet easily. Enough to drive you up the wall. That saying, I have a friend who’s only used these wipes, and seems perfectly happy with them.

 Huggies, £7.78 for 10 packs of 64 – I loved these at first, because they were really quite wet, and really cheap. But they tear quite easily, and therefore don’t come out the packet very easily. Argh! There’s no point in a pack of wipes you need two hands to use.

 Pampers Sensitive Wipes, £10 for 12 packs of 56 – These are great, and tick all my boxes. But they’re really expensive, and once your baby gets older, and you’re using a lot of wipes per change, that’s really going to add up. I’d recommend them for a newborn.

 Johnson’s Baby Extra Sensitive Wipes, £8 for 12 packs of 56 – I went through a big phase of using these, and I really like everything about them. But they were on offer, and once the offer ended, they were back up in the expensive bracket, so I went hunting for a cheaper option.

 Tesco Baby Wipes, £8.79 for 12 packs for 64 – I do most of my shopping online with Tesco {much to my husband’s disgust – he prefers Waitrose food}. So when I spotted their wipes on offer, I decided to try them out. And they’re brilliant! They come in an easy-close packet that Ivo loves to fiddle with {amazing distraction tool}, they’re the right wetness, they come out perfectly, and they’re cheap! I recommend buying them in bulk!

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