A New Princess is Born

Did you keep track of the news yesterday? Even though we’re over in Dubai, I got super-excited when I read that Kate had gone into labour, and turned on the BBC News Channel. We popped out to the beach, and by that time it was all over – a little Princess was born! I really feel for Kate having to go out and meet the press so shortly after giving birth. She was obviously super-keen to get home with her baby, but had to run the gauntlet of the world’s press first. Doesn’t she look amazing! I bet she couldn’t wait to…

….get home, get into her pj’s and cosy up in bed with her babies. Prince George is a little bit older than Ivo when Arthur was born, but Kate and William will certainly have their work cut out for them with two under two.

I found the change really difficult – I felt guilty that Ivo didn’t get enough of my attention, and that Arthur wasn’t getting enough cuddles. Ivo wasn’t impressed by Arthur at all, and tried to hit him all the time! Nine months in, things are calming down, and the boys are even starting to play with each other a bit. Arthur still gets a regular bashing, but he’s started to get his own back, by pulling Ivo’s hair!

She really is a little sweetie – and you can be sure traditional little bonnets like this one will be sold out across the UK by the end of the week!

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