An Unexpected Favourite for Baby Feeding

Before we started to wean Arthur, I’d forgotten what a hassle it was feeding food on-the-go. With milk it’s just a bottle, some powder and a muslin and bingo, you’ve got a happy fed baby. With mush it’s a whole different story. If there’s no highchair available, the mess can be the thing of nightmares.

At first I tried feeding him in my lap, which was a really silly idea. Juggling a spoon and the bowl, plus a bottle of water and a wriggling baby was always going to end in disaster. His little fist clenched on the sweet potato, he waved with joy, and spattered me and everyone else at the picnic with orange. Then I remembered our unloved Bumbo.

This little chair is designed for babies who can’t sit up by themselves – it supports them while they play. Both my children have preferred their bouncy Baby Bjorn, so we’ve not used it much, but it’s perfect for feeding-on-the-go. It’s light, wipeable, and even has a little tray. Now I dread the day he grows out of it, and I have to feed him in the pushchair.

{I want this!} Bumbo in various colours, approx £30, Bumbo Play Tray, £9.95. Find them secondhand on eBay.

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