Baby’s Favourite Toys – Ivo at 8 Months

Ivo loves wheels, specifically dirty wheels. He crawls towards them at surprising speed, with an expression of complete joy, and his mouth wide open, ready for a big lick. His pram is an item of extreme love, particularly if we’ve just been out in the rain. For a few weeks, I tried to stop him, and then slightly gave up, until my husband spotted him having a particularly long nosh. He decided action needed to be taken, and we discussed the possibility of providing alternative wheels to lick. That led us to order VTech Baby First Steps Baby Walker on Amazon. Ivo loved it immediately. It plays surprisingly loud music, and has lots of wiggly bits, and a phone which we pretend to answer, to much hilarity. Plus if he opens a door, it says ‘Peek-a-boo, I see you!’. This is now ingrained on my mind, because he opens it over, and over again. The added (and completely unexpected) benefit is that he used to stand up for the first time! We didn’t even know he’d reached that stage, but the joy on his face, as he clambered up, was something to behold. So a massive tick of recommendation for the VTech Baby Walker. P.S. He pretty much ignores the wheels.

{I want this!} VTech Baby First Steps Baby Walker, £16.49

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