Baby’s Favourite Toys – Ivo’s Comforter

It says in all the books, that your baby will start to prefer a certain toy at around six months. Officially it’s supposed to be out of your control – they’ll just pick one, and then that’s it – forever! I don’t really believe it – we definitely influenced Ivo’s decision to fall in love with his Jellycat Bashful Bunny. I’ve always adored them for their soft cuteness, and I probably encouraged him to cuddle up to the bunny more than any other toy. We have two – one bigger than the other – and although it seems crazy – it’s definitely worth buying a second version of whichever toy becomes the favourite. This winter, Ivo has always had a cold, and Bunny #1 and #2 have to make their way to the washing machine to be de-snotted on a regular basis. Bunny #1 and #2 also very rarely leave the house – their not really allowed into the pram, because we can’t have them going missing. With Baby No.2 on the way, we’ve got to decide which toy we want to encourage him make his favourite….I’m keen on another Jellycat creature, but which one??? Which is your favourite? Did your baby fixate on a Bashful?

{I want this!} Jellycat Bashful Bunny, £32 – all other Bashfuls available directly from Jellycat, apart from the Rhino, who’s sold out everywhere, but Jelly Express, £15.99

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