Easter Bunny Toys For Your Baby

Yet more Easter inspiration for you this snowy March morning. I’ve fallen in love with the gorgeous soft, Jellycat Bunnies, but I realise they’re pretty ubiquitous, so for those of you looking for a more original bunny, here’s a selection of my favourites from UK home crafters. If you haven’t discovered Etsy, do take a look, it’s the best resource ever for original children’s toys and baby accessories.

{Product Credits} Top 1. Walking on Clouds, 2. Sara Carr 3. Fart for Craft, Middle 1. Hug Me Slugs & Friends, 2. Molly Moo Jessica Too, 3 The Fox in the Attic, Bottom 1. Sara Carr, 2 & 3. The Fox in the Attic

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