First Baby Books Review

It’s taken a few months {like 10!}, but Ivo is finally starting to show some interest in books. Before, whenever I tried to read to him, he’d just gum the pages and gnaw on the spine. Even now, when I read to him before bed, if he spots the book, he stops drinking his bedtime milk, and tries to grab it. Not quite the soothing tradition I had in mind! We do a fair bit of reading during the day though – here’s a list of his favourites. We’re looking to extend his library, so please do leave comments with your suggestions!

{I want this} 1. Ivo’s Striped Seaside T-shirt, Mini Boden, £14

1. Monster Mates: Ernie the Eye Monster, £5.59 – A present from a friend, this book is a huge success. Ivo can’t get over how the monster wriggles at him, and alternates between trying to fight him {ouch!}, and laughing. We also have the bigger Calm Down Boris! book.

2. Is This My Nose?, £4.81 – The simplest of books, this one has only five pages! But it’s a great way for your baby to learn his features, and Ivo grins happily has we point to his ears and prod his nose.

3. That’s Not My Robot, £4.49 – Ivo’s a massive fan of all the Usborne Touchy Feely Books. We inherited several from his cousin, and I’ve picked up lots in various charity shops. They have lovely fabric and paper inserts in the pages, which your baby can touch with his fingertips. Other great titles include That’s Not My Bunny, That’s Not My Tractor, and That’s Not My Pirate. You get the idea!

4. Baby’s First Words Book, £2.50 – This fantastic little booklet isn’t just crazily cheap, it’s fast become one of Ivo’s favourites. Hard-wearing, and easy to chew, it contains lots of recognisable objects, including socks, teddies and pears. Ivo seems to genuinely pay attention when we flick through the pages.

5. Noisy Baby: Sound Book, £6.99There’s nothing Ivo likes more than noisy toys, so we have a few of these sound books. At first he didn’t know how to press the buttons, but in the last few weeks, he’s learned that they make a very satisfying racket. There’s one we bought from M&S that plays incredibly loud engine noise, and it’s his favourite book of all!

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