Five Favourite Baby Announcement Cards

Most of our friends and family will hear about the birth of our baby via immediate text message, and they’ll be able to spot pictures on Facebook or Instagram. But what about the more elderly family? I’m really keen to include them in the excitement, so I’ve been looking at buying or DIY-ing baby announcement cards. It looks like in the US, families send them out to everyone they know, and there are varying degrees of saccharine pictures and poems. While I’ll be keen to include a picture of the new baby, I don’t want it to be the front design of the card. Here are five of my favourite baby announcement cards, what do you think? Did you, or are you going to send out cards? P.S. If you want to print photographs of your baby, you can get 50 free prints from several online services.

{Product Credit} Duckling Birth Announcement Card by Ditto Ditto Works, £.94

{Product Credit} Baby Announcement Card by Suzie’s Cards, £2

{Product Credit} Baby Birth Announcement Card by Little Darlings UK, 10 for £14

{Product Credit} Personalised Baby Announcement CardsRuth Duck Blue, 10 for £17.45

{Product Credit} Unknown

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