My Top 6 Baby Bathing Products

How often do you bath your baby? We’ve made it part of our evening routine since Ivo was a three weeks old, and it’s amazing to see how much he loves his baths. He’s happy as soon as his feet hit the water, and now he’s learning how to splash with his hands and feet. There’s a crazy amount of baby cleaning products on the market – we were given lots as gifts, and a few have stuck as favourites. Here’s a list of my top six favourite baby bathing products – what are yours?

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1. Cologne and Cotton Hooded Baby Towel, {currently on sale}, £13.50 – This gingham-edged towel was a baby shower gift, and it’s proved super-useful. Ivo looks so cute when we hook the hood over his head, and it makes for easier drying and quicker cuddling as we hoik him out of the bath.

2. Organic Babies Mum & Baby Rescue Balm, £9.70 – This thick balm is perfect for soothing dry skin, and we’ve been using it on Ivo’s knees and elbows, and in the creases of his cubby thighs! It has a lovely texture, and 91% of the ingredient are organic, so you can be sure there’s no nasties going into your baby’s skin. We also use the Organic Babies Baby Wash & Shampoo in the bath.

3. Mamas & Papas Acqua Two Stage Ergo Bath, £28.50 – we inherited this from my sister, and it’s the best baby bath ever! After a few weeks Ivo could sit in it without any other support, so he could relax back and experiment with the feel of the water. At four months we’re still using it – it’s less back-breaking than trying to support him in the big bath.

4. Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream, £2.33 – Good old Sudacrem – a nursery isn’t a nursery without a pot of this old stalwart. We use it to prevent nappy rash, and as a barrier cream on Ivo’s neck when he got a rash from dribbled milk.

5. Boots Whale Baby Thermometer, £3.99 – We started by testing the water with our elbows, but we always disagreed about whether it was too hot or not! So this cheap and cheerful thermometer has saved us from squabbling. The easy-to-read tape gives you a tick or a cross if the water’s too hot or too cold, and it’s a cute toy for little hands to grab.

6. Neal’s Yard Baby Gift Box, £25 – My godmother gave us this set as a present, and we’ve loved the natural, organic products. We use the body wash in the bath, the flannel to keep his tummy warm, and the oil for baby massage, and on his head to help with cradle cap.

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