New Pictures of The Royal Siblings

The Royal Family have released a sweet selection of photographs of little Prince George and Princess Charlotte. George looks sweetly impressed by his new sister – I wonder whether that will last, or whether he’s started bashing her with his toys! Ivo was thrilled to meet Arthur at first – now he spends his whole time saying ‘No Arthur’, as Arthur tries to steal his toys.

I have to admit to a particular interest in the Royal babies, they’re very close in age to our children, so I imagine the chaos behind the pictures. I’m always so impressed by how groomed Kate Middleton manages to look – admittedly she has her own hairdresser, but that doesn’t mean she’s not juggling breastfeeding and a grumpy toddler while having a blow-dry.

Just in case you want to dress your little Prince like George – his outfit is from Rachel Riley.

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