The night before my holiday, surrounded by a million-and-one things to pack, I nearly ducked out of the whole trip. My baby Ivo was only 9 weeks old, and I was travelling to Mallorca on my own, to meet up with my friend Alice, a fellow mother, for a five-day break. It seemed like such a good idea when I booked the flight – an opportunity for our sons to hang out, and for me to get some sun and start an exercise routine with Alice, who’s an amazing personal trainer. But at 11.30pm on Sunday evening, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to carry all this stuff, plus wheel the pram, and keep my baby happy on the trip from house-to-cab-to-train-to-plane, and all the way back again. How could someone so small require so much stuff? After a sleepless night, I convinced myself I was braver than last night’s teary version, and slung everything into a giant wheelie bag. It looked ridiculous for a five-day holiday, but I decided I was over travelling light, and headed out the door. More on the trip itself later, but here’s my holiday check-list of essentials you’ll need if you’re going on a hot holiday with a newborn baby.

{Photo Credit} By me! Ivo trying out swimming for the first time


* Reserve the formula you need for the journey {including extra for delays} from Boots at the airport. I didn’t know you could do this until I read advice on Mumsnet, and when I rang Boots, they were totally used to the request. You can find the numbers online – make sure you’ve got the chemist on the other side of the security checks.

* A large bag for the hold
* The largest bag allowed for hand-luggage – I recommend a soft bag, because you can squish them into almost any bag measurer
* Travel Pram – my favourite is the Baby Jogger City Mini Single (Black), even for a newborn, I just use a sheepskin insert. It folds up in one easy motion, and you can easily take the wheels off for putting in the hold.
* Bag for the travel pram
* Snooze Shade for the travel pram – this is an excellent buy!
* Baby Bjorn Carrier {this is essential – Ivo felt insecure through some of the trip, and having him close to my chest made him happier, plus I could put my heavy hand-luggage in the pram}

* Travel Cot – my favourites are the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib or the ReadyCot pop-up travel crib
* Snooze Shade for your travel cot
* Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind {this is a must-buy}
* 2 Large Muslins & 1 blanket, so you handle any temperature OR if you use Grobags, take a variety of togs
* Shade Tent for the beach or by the pool
* Dummies – if you use them

* 6 bottles {one for each feed, carry them all in your hand luggage, in case of delays}
* make up one of these bottles with milk for the early journey
* 2 cartons of your favourite formula {security will make you open one to pour into a bottle & taste}, then you can pick up another 6 once you’ve gone through security
* sterilisation tablets & a container for your sterilising
* 2 bibs and/or muslins for each day you’re away

* changing bag and mat
* 10 nappies for each day you’re away
* one full pack of baby wipes
* cotton wool
* nappy bin-bags
* nappy rash cream {my favourites are Welada and good old Sudocrem}
* Duck-shaped blow-up baby bath {love!}
* baby wash {my favourite is Organic Babies}
* baby towel

Clothes {for a hot trip}
* 1.5 body suits for every day that you’re travelling e.g. 7 day trip, take 10 body suits
* 1 vest body suit for every day you’re travelling {my favourites are from M&S}
* 1 sleepsuit for every other day
* 3 sun-hats
* 3 pairs of socks {just in case of cold air-conditioning}
* 2 all-in-one sun protection outfits {my favourite are from Jo Jo Maman Bebe}
* beach towel

Medicines & Extras
* Calpol
* Nasal spray {in case of colds}
* Baby Sunscreen
* Baby Nail Clippers
* Hand Sanitiser
* Dylon Holiday Hand Wash Detergent for handwashing in sinks

* A generous selection including any musical toy your child needs to fall asleep
* Don’t forget to carry some of these in your hand luggage!

* your child’s passport
* travel insurance documents
* details of your destination
E111 card for your child

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  1. GeeGee on August 16, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Ohhhh my goodness. This a terrifying list but incredibly well thought out, thank you!

  2. Georgia Tolley on August 19, 2013 at 11:38 am

    You're welcome! What's truly terrifying is that it's nearly the same for a weekend away!! xx

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