Our Baby Bedtime Routine

Do you have a sleeping routine for your little one? We’ve always followed Gina Ford’s schedule, with both Ivo and now Arthur, and it works brilliantly. It took a bit of time to get Arthur in the zone – he’s a much trickier baby than Ivo – but seven months in, and he’s got it. Basically, it goes a little like this…

1700 Supper for Arthur
1730 Supper for Ivo
1800 Milk for Arthur {half his feed of approx 180ml or 6oz}
1815 Bath for Arthur
1830 Bath for Ivo

Immediately after their baths, we go into quiet mode – hushed voices, dimmed lights, gentle movements. Sometimes I give them a little leg massage, but usually it’s just on with the nappy, the sleepsuit and the sleeping bag. Then I sit down with them and feed them their milk while singing nursery rhymes. And it’s always the same routine….Twinkle Twinkle Little Star {twice}, followed by Baa Baa Black Sheep, then Rock a Bye Baby, and then Speed Bonny Boat. I don’t know the words to Speedy Bonny, so I mostly hum it!! One of these days, I’ll actually look it up.

By 1900 both are usually asleep. Of course this doesn’t always happen, but 90% of the time, they’re out like a light.

What works for you?

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