Toddler’s Favourite Toys: Ivo at 13 Months

Ivo’s slightly in love with our cleaner. He’s always got a special smile for her, and he deeply envies her access to the colourful bottles in the banned cupboard, and the fact she gets to play with the hoover and the mop. Whenever these items come out, he gets really excited, and babbles gleefully at them. His greatest joy is to be allowed to hold the hoover and pretend to clean. So when he spotted a top mop at a friend’s house, and spent an entire hour playing with it, I realised it was time to buy him his own. And what do you know – it turns out they also make miniature Dyson hoovers, in a style identical to our adult one! Two months down the line, his cleaning utensils are still his favourite toy.

{I want this!} CASDON Little Helper Dyson Hottest Vacuum Toy, £17.23
Theo Klein Toy Vileda Mop and Dustpan and Brush Set, £9.69

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