Why You Need A Baby Changing Bag!

Before my baby, I never really saw the need for changing bags. Wouldn’t a normal handbag do the job? Well that changed pretty sharpish after Ivo’s birth, when I discovered the sheer quantity of STUFF you have to carry with you, before you go anywhere with a baby. And the challenge of trying to keep it organised. You can guarantee you’ll lose the baby wipes in the depths of your bag just as your baby decides to wee all over you mid-change {little boys will do that nearly every change at first}. Add in baby brain, and unless you’ve got a specific place in your bag for everything, you won’t remember where you’ve put it. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve ‘lost’ my iPhone, only to discover it in my back-pocket. Well that was before discovered the sheer amazingness that is the PacaPod. These fantastic bags have two secret weapons – the unique feeder, and changing pods. I have the blue PacaPod Mirano, and I couldn’t live without it. Everything has its place, there’s even a key tag, a bottle sleeve, a little bag for dirty clothes, and a changing mat. Every bag comes special straps to help you hang it off your pram, and the pods come out and velcro around your pram handle, if you only want to take one pod with you, rather than the whole bag. They’ve literally thought of everything!

{I want this!} PacaPod Mirano, £99

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