Best Children’s Books by Kali Stileman

Ivo’s a complete bookworm. We’ve always read to him, and I feel it’s a serious parenting success {in amongst all the usual feelings of guilt and worry!}. There are all sorts of studies that say that reading a bedtime story is the best education you can give your child, and it’s seriously heartwarming to hear him say ‘Book mummy?’ with a hopeful expression. He also says ‘Peppa mummy?’ and that’s a whole different blog post – on TV and toddlers! His latest love are these gorgeous illustrated books….

by Kali Stileman. She actually lives next-door to my mum, and gave them to her to give to Ivo! We feel so lucky to have discovered her work.

The illustrations are gorgeous, and they’ve helped my knowledge of nursery rhymes. I used to have to hum the bits I didn’t know, and now I’ve finally learned the words. It’s a pity nothing can be done for my voice! Ivo loves spotting all the details in the pictures – every time he finds something new.

We’ve got My Big Book of Favourite Rhymes and My Book of Songs & Nursery Rhymes, {£5.99}, but I’m going to order Time for Tea for Polly Wolly and Big Book of My World from Amazon.

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