Eating Sushi Toddler Style

We’re not very adventurous at home with our food choices. I’m basically dreadful at cooking, and with two children under two {until recently}, there hasn’t been the time for me to get all Jamie Oliver. I cook for the children, thanks to Annabel Karmel’s easy-to-follow recipes, but I’m not exactly whipping up Japanese food. So while Ivo has a very healthy appetite, he’s never tried sushi. Well yesterday, all that changed, thanks to the lovely people at East Kitchen in Dubai.

They invited a group of us Dubai-based parenting bloggers to try their Kids Menu. Ivo was very impressed, and loved being allowed to sit on the benches like a grown-up boy. He even had a glass of apple juice in a champagne flute!

East Kitchen had prepared a lovely selection of vegetable and cooked sushi, including teriyaki chicken and avocado rolls. Crunchy vegetable spring rolls and chicken satay completed the menu, along with a huge bowl of prawn crackers.

Ivo spotted the crackers instantly, and enjoyed dip-dipping into the sweet chilli sauce. While I chatted to the other bloggers, he managed to put away nearly half the bowl!

As a consequence, we didn’t actually manage to get him to eat any sushi, but he was very enthusiastic about the satay sticks, and the avocado from inside the rolls. I think we’ll build up towards the more exotic options.

Ivo also enjoyed exploring the restaurant, including the kitchens, and playing hide-and-seek under the table.

All-in-all, the trip was a huge success, and great mother-and-son bonding time without Arthur the baby. It made me realised we ought to take the children to more restaurants – it’s a proper treat.

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