The Lost Chambers Aquarium, Dubai

There’s not a great deal of activities you can do in Dubai with a newborn in September. When we moved here, it was 42 degrees every day – just too hot for Arthur at five weeks old. Essentially we just had to duck from air conditioned hotel room, to air conditioned taxi, and then into our air conditioned destination. I was really worried that Ivo wasn’t getting enough running around time. The great thing about Dubai….

…is that they’re ready for the heat, and there’s plenty to do indoors to keep children entertained. One of our first excursions was a trip up to The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, the pink palace that sits at the top of the Palm.

As adults, we weren’t really expecting much because fish = not that exciting – but it completely blew us away!

It’s got the atmosphere of an Indiana Jones film, with plenty of imaginative fish display, including a lobster tunnel, an ultra-violet jelly-fish tank, and the biggest tank you’ve ever seen, full of sharks and sting rays.

Ivo loved it all, particularly the touch and feel area. If you see a slightly squished sea cucumber, you’ll know who to blame! Arthur on the other hand, wasn’t really that bothered…..

Tickets are AED 100 for adults (residents AED 75), and AED 70 (residents 50) for children, but you can get two for one offers in the Entertainer book or iPhone App, both of which I wholeheartedly recommend – for visitors on holiday and residents. It saves us a fortune!

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