Toddler Swimming Lessons with Baby Splash

We’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool in our compound, and most afternoons, you’ll find me down there with both boys, particularly now it’s getting hotter. Ivo had swimming lessons once a week, when we lived in Hackney at Ironmonger Row Baths {run by Better on behalf of the Council}, and he’s always been pretty confident in the water. But he had nothing on the children who’ve grown up in Dubai, with daily access to a pool.

Aged two, you’ll see them running and leaping off the edge into the water, and by three they can all swim underwater. I did a bit of research to find out how come they’re all so good, and it’s all thanks to Baby Splash swimming classes. So I signed us up a few months ago, and this weekend Ivo had a complete breakthrough.

He suddenly pushed himself off the wall and swam underwater in my direction! It was a completely kamikaze effort – he didn’t really seem to know where he was going, and I had to drag him up out of the water to breath, but he’d done it himself. It was a very proud parent moment – and he was pretty impressed with himself as well. He’s now jumping off the edge and swimming to me, and turning around and swimming back to the edge – all underwater, like a seal!

It’s amazing how the Baby Splash exercises gradually built up his confidence and enthusiasm. There’s lots of singing and praise, and even little rest periods where you encourage the children to lie back and float.

But to be honest Ivo doesn’t really seem to enjoy the classes that much – there’s lots of moaning for toys and wanting to jump off the edge, when everyone else is using their floats. He’s got more into it as time as gone on, and clearly all the information was gradually filtering into his brain, to a great result!

We have our classes with Natalie, but you can find out more on the Baby Splash website in Dubai and Baby Splash in the UK. I’m going to start Arthur’s classes this week. He’s nine months, and already loves the water so I can’t wait to see how quickly he progresses.

{Pictures of Ivo enjoying the water at various stages of his life!}

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  1. Laura Powell-Corbett on May 11, 2015 at 10:55 am

    We loved our toddler splash lessons they really helped our not confident swimmer gain more confidence. We've had a bit of a set back with Baby boy arriving and I'm hoing to get back in the pool soon! X

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