Trying out Toddler Classes in Dubai

Apologies for my long break in blogging. We spent the summer in England, and spent a lot of time moving around, visiting family and friends. Blogging had to take a back seat. Then we got back to Dubai and Ivo started nursery and I started work, so it’s only now that I’m getting back on track. I’m working three times a week, and while Ivo’s off at nursery {a post on that to follow}, Arthur {now 15 months} is staying at home with his nanny. I’m feeling pretty guilty about my absences from home, but I’ve developed a strategy….

I’m trying to do more structure play in the time that I do have with the boys. I don’t start work until 10.30am, so that gives me a good hour to play with Arthur. It’s tempting to do something else with that time {like faff around}, but I feel so much better about the day if I properly sit down and focus on him for a bit.

I’ve also started to look up a few toddler classes here in Dubai. There are plenty to choose from! I’m focusing on swimming, music and sensory play. This week, we tried out Moms and Tots, which is specifically aimed at 12-36 month olds. All the children seemed to be exactly the same age as Arthur – so it worked really well.

He loved it! It’s an hour and a half of messy play, sensory development, singing and dancing – all with the aim developing their fine and gross motor skills. The teacher was enthusiastic and welcoming, and I was really impressed with the variety of activities. We changed to something new every 10 minutes, so Arthur never had a chance to get bored. He particularly loved splatting his hand in paint and then on the paper – something I never would do at home, for fear of the mess! It was really inspirational, and I’ve already taken tips from the class to use at home.

Our class took place at Extreme Fun Motorcity, and the children are allowed into the soft play area afterwards – plus there’s a great cafe, if you wanted to stay for lunch.

Moms and Tots also takes place at Favorite Things Marina Mall and Le Petit Palais in Dubai Mall.
Contact details: / 050 854 6857 or 055 718 960

All my photos are from Arthur on another occasion – I was so busy trying not to get paint all over myself, I didn’t managed to take any pictures!

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