Adorable, Ethical Toys from Pebble

The first baby toy I bought for my newborn son was a rattle in the shape of a carrot! A slightly strange addition to our household, but if you’d seen it, you’d understand that I had to have it. That’s how toys from Pebble make you feel. They’re just as attractive to adults as children, and they’re ethically impeccable – handmade by women in community businesses in Bangladesh. The charity that makes them – Hathay Bunano – aims to provide employment for mummies with their babies and children by providing employment in a village setting close to their homes.

{Product Credits} 1. Pebble Large Giraffe, £26 | 2. Pebble Carrot Rattle, £4.79 | 3. Pebble Crochet Rattle Ball, £5

{Product Credits} 1. Pebble Rattle Snake, £10.99 | 2. Pebble Car, £10 | 3. Pebble Caterpillar, £10.99

{Product Credits} 1. Pebble Octopus Rattle, £8.50 | 2. Pebble Doughnut Rattle, £5 | 3. Pebble Cupcake Rattle, £4.99

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