Five Great C-Section Buys

My second baby was born by emergency c-section. I was two weeks late, and I finally let them induce me. For hours nothing really happened, and then all of a sudden I was having back-to-back contractions, and they lost Arthur’s heartbeat. Within minutes I was in the operating theatre, being asked whether I had any loose teeth, because they were going have to knock me out! Luckily, they managed to get a spinal tap in, and I was conscious throughout the operation. As I hadn’t planned for a c-section, I didn’t really know what to expect from my recovery. And with a toddler at home, and a move to Dubai planned in five weeks time, it definitely wasn’t the best-case scenario. What surprised me most is how little it hurt, and how quickly I recovered bar the occasional twinge. For the first six weeks, you should just rest and leave the wound alone, but after that, here are the products that helped me on the road to recovery. Note: BIG PANTS are an essential – there’s nothing worse than knicker elastic rubbing against your scar.

1. Caesarean Belt with 4 inserts, £19.99 from Mothercare – This is a great buy if – like mine – your baby is a bit of a wriggler. Arthur used to kick me in the tummy, but this belt protected my scar.

2. Big Pants, my favourites were from John Lewis, £9.99 for 5 – Finding the perfect pair of pants was a challenge. You really need them to go over your scar, so the waistband needs to be high. These aren’t sexy, but they’re really comfortable.

3. Bio Oil 200ml, £19.99 from Boots – The best scar reduction oil on the market. Wait till you’ve healed up nicely {at least 6 weeks}, and then gently rub on morning and night.

4. Cashmere Socks, £35 from The White Company – Because you’re worth it.

5. Inuit Slippers, £35 from The White Company – They’re a bit like indoor Uggs, and therefore don’t feel as frumpy as normal slippers.

6.  Elasticated Waistband Pyjama Bottoms, £19.50 from M&S – Buy pj’s in a size too big, because you want them to be super loose. I used to wear all my trousers just above my hips, meaning the waistband irritated my scar. I spent a lot of the first few months in pj bottoms!

7.  Cotton Rich Striped Cuffed Hem Pyjama Bottoms, £19.50 from M&S – These are enough to cheer anyone up!

8.  C-Panty, £46 for 2 pairs – Luckily, my scar is flat, but if not, these knickers have a secret silicon insert, that compresses your scar and helps it heal. Buy big – my S/M ones were too small for me.

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