Sleep has become something of an obsession for me. Last night was my first decent night’s sleep since Arthur was born. He finally slept through till 7am. No doubt tonight he’ll be up every hour, but it’s important to celebrate these small victories! We’re still doing the dream feed, but now I can gradually start to decrease the amount, until maybe, just maybe, he’ll go from 7am to 7pm. Making sure your baby is comfortable is the first step towards persuading them to sleep better, so here are my best buys for baby bedtime.

Top 1. Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Calming Lotion 170g, £5.99 {SAVE £3} – Make baby massage part of your bedtime routine – it helps soothe little tummies, and makes for great bonding with blissed out babies.

2. Mini-Boden Twin Pack Rompers, £26 – Buy cosy sleepsuits with no sharp seams and flat poppers. I love Mini-Boden rompers – they wash really well, and last for years. Arthur’s inherited Ivo’s sleepsuits.

3. Gro-Egg Room Thermometer, £13.49 {SAVE 40%} – Make sure you’ve got the temperature right in your nursery so your little one is comfortable.

Middle 1. Stokke Sleepi, £399 – I’m a massive fan of the Stokke cots – Ivo’s still sleeping in his, aged two. The curves mean your baby never gets stuck in the corner! We haven’t managed to buy one for Arthur, and he seems to bang his head in his sleep a lot more. Soft bedsheets are essential too – my favourites are by Cosy Tots, who make sheets for every type of cot, including Stokke.

2. Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Monitor, £120 – I go on about this all the time. It’s just the best baby monitor.

3. John Lewis Waffle Moses Basket, £35 – Both my boys slept in a Moses basket before moving into their cots. My theory is that the smaller space makes them feel safer. For the first four months, I also swaddled Arthur – it made a massive difference to his sleep. Aden & Anais swaddles are my favourites.

Bottom 1. Medium Manhattan Toy Dixie Duck, £14.99 – Super cute duck! Arthur still hasn’t chosen his favourite toy – for Ivo, his Jellycat bunnies are his go-to comforters. He strokes their ears under his nose as he goes to sleep.

2. Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind, £19.99 – Gina Ford reckons complete darkness is the only way to guarantee a good night’s sleep, and to avoid dawn waking. I have two, and I never go anywhere without them. Tin foil is a cheap alternative!

3. Merino Kids Go Go Baby Sleep Bag, £70 – An investment purchase – these amazing sleeping bags are made out of merino wool, meaning they regulate your baby’s temperature. I haven’t actually got one, but I have two friends who swear by them.

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