Top Tip for Taking Pictures of Your Kids

It’s been nearly a year now since we bought a new camera. Arthur was due, and we realised we hardly had any decent photographs of Ivo’s first year. Luckily we had a portrait session done with Chloe from Caught the Light, but nearly all the other images we had were iPhone snaps. Our new camera takes brilliant pictures.

We’d always had Sony point-and-shoots, but our latest version seemed to take terrible photographs. I was about to buy an SLR camera, when one of my photography-loving friends warned me off a high-tech, expensive purchase. He said I’d never use the extra functions, and the complexity would put me off taking pictures. Instead, he recommended the Canon G16.

Thank goodness he did! It’s brilliant – we could see the difference in the quality of images immediately. It’s a really good shape and weight, it feels satisfyingly chunky, without being too heavy. I’ve only ever used it on the point-and-shoot setting, but there’s plenty of other functions if you’re into that type of thing. It can take brilliant videos at a press of a button, and it’s wifi compatible, which means you can quickly download a couple of pics onto your iPhone for social media on the move.

I’m still pretty terrible at taking pictures – I’ve just been editing some shots I took of a children’s birthday party, and there’s about two decent pictures – but at least with this camera, I’ve got half a chance! The camera varies hugely in cost – the cheapest I’ve found it is on eBay for £219. Make sure you buy from a UK seller, otherwise you end up paying import tax.

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