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After the Bank Holiday at home, Prince William and Kate Middleton will be settling into life with two under two. It’s hectic!I remember having to deal with Ivo’s jealousy of his little brother, while trying to relax enough to breastfeed, and all the while not being able to lift anything, because I had an emergency c-section. The best solution was to hide in bed with the baby, while my husband took Ivo out to the park. Nap-times were difficult, because our London flat was very open-plan and Ivo’s noise woke up Arthur, and at night I was worried Arthur would wake up Ivo! Living with two young children is never going to be easy, but here are a few key items that helped us along the way.

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1. Aden & Anais Jungle Jam Muslin Swaddles, Pack of 4 £44.95 – swaddling a newborn is the best way to encourage them to sleep

2. Cook vouchers – No one has time to cook for themselves with a newborn in the house. My grandmother gave me Cook vouchers to celebrate Arthur’s birth, and she couldn’t have chosen a better present. Cook delivers fantastic, nutritious ready meals, and they even provide a discount for new mums!

3. Pop-n-Play Portable Playpen, £78.88 – Because sometimes you’re either going to have to cage your toddler, or put your newborn out of reach. This fab playpen is light and easy to take with you on holiday.

4. Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor, £109.99 – This is simply the best baby monitor in the world. We have two – one for each boy, and they’ve kept the peace more times than I can count. Night vision means you can check on your baby without having to go into the room and potentially disturb them.

5. Peppa Pig: George & The Noisy Baby, £3 – Ivo loves this book, and I think it helped him understand Arthur!

6. Ewan the Dream Sheep, £29.99 – There’s a reason why this sheep has won so many awards! It has four different white noise settings – we use the lullaby and the rain noise to soothe Arthur. It has the added benefit of drowning out toddler noise!

7. The Contented Baby & Toddler, by Gina Ford, £8.99 – Because it’s never to early to start getting into good habits.

8. Melissa & Doug Jenna Doll, £13.62 | Nappy Changing Set, 14.88 | Time to Eat Feeding Set, £11.88 & Buggy, £6.97 – We actually never bought Ivo his ‘own’ baby, but I wish we had! These sets mean your older child can practice feeding, nappy changing and walking their baby, while you do the same with yours.

9. Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier, £89 – Rather than take out a cumbersome double pram, I used to put Arthur in the Baby Bjorn, and put Ivo in his City Jogger. Also, in the early days, when Arthur refused to go to sleep in his Moses basket, I could always get him to doze off in the Bjorn, even though I knew I was getting into bad habits! In short – it was a life-saver.

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