A Cheap & Easy Toy Storage Solution

The boys’ toys have started to get pretty chaotic. We started small with one toy-box, but since Ivo’s birthday, things have got slightly out of hand. We’ve also got dozens of books, after I bought tonnes at a second-hand sale. I was searching around for a cheap and cheerful way to store everything, and realised the answer was in my friends’ houses! 

They’ve all got the Ikea Kallax bookshelves {Dubai Ikea link}, but turned on their sides. Add a cushion, and you’ve got a bench or a playing surface at the perfect toddler height. It’s a brilliant solution. You can even buy Ikea baskets and boxes {Dubai link} in various designs to go inside the bookshelves – perfect for smaller toys like Duplo or train-tracks.

My next challenge is to try to paint our bookshelf blue. I’ve heard about Annie Sloan paint, which you can just slap on without any prep. Then you add wax, and it creates this amazing shabby chic effect. Have a look at my Pinterest page for more ideas.

P.S. The Kallax shelves and some boxes and baskets are currently on sale in Ikea Dubai until 4th July!

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