An Amazing {Giant} Playpen

At nine months, Ivo has got pretty active. He can crawl at full speed, and can’t wait to walk – pulling himself up to standing on anything and everything. All of our sudden our open-plan apartment is full of hazards, and loathe to remove every coffee table book, coaster and picture frame – we decided to create a safe baby zone. A few months ago, we bought the amazing BabyDan Playpen, which has worked brilliantly. But now Ivo’s bigger, I felt we needed something that gave him more space. Introducing…….the Baby Vivo Playpen. This brightly coloured wonder is supremely child friendly, with its bright colours, and wipe-clean, gummable sides. You can expand it and expand it, and we’ve already bought the BIG version – I think the 12-sided version would take over our entire flat! First spotted at an NCT friend’s flat, I’m hoping it’s going to be the ultimate solution for an inquisitive baby. P.S. Despite its size, Ivo still knows he’s caged….

{I want this!} Baby Vivo Playpen, £159 from Amazon. Inside {& now removed} the BabyDan Playpen, £79.95

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