Baby-Proofing Our House – Six Worries & Solutions

We’ve delayed it as long as possible – determined to keep our home looking normal – but Ivo’s got so curious and mobile, that we’ve realised we’ve got to baby-proof the flat. We have a very irregular spiral staircase, so luckily my husband’s father actually handmade our stair-gates. They came in the nick of time, because Ivo’s gone from bashing the stairs to climbing up them with horrifying speed! The next challenge is the drawers and cupboards in the kitchen. Ivo’s already broken four bowls, luckily cheap ones from Ikea, but I’m taking it as a warning of more damages to come. I’m also super-worried about little fingers getting trapped in the big saucepan drawer, and underneath doors. I don’t want to go too far, and completely coddle him, but after our big shop for baby-proofing items on Amazon, I do feel a lot more relaxed!

{I want this} Ivo using his walker in the most dangerous style possible – PinToy Baby Walker with Blocks, £48.39. He’s wearing a hoodie from Next {we use this as a dressing gown in the morning} & a sleep-suit from Mini-Boden {similar here, two for £26}.

My Biggest Worries & Solutions
The Stairs
Stair-gates are the only option – get them closed off as soon as possible. Ivo loves to climb, and although it’s great to give him the chance to explore, I only want him mountaineering with company!
The Kitchen – This was the biggest challenge!
* We moved all the kitchen products to a high cupboard this weekend. Even with a lock, it’s not worth letting him anywhere near the bleach.
* For the cupboards that needed protecting, we bought these amazing magnetic locks from BabyDan. They attach without any need for hammer and nails, and when they’re closed, you can’t tell they’re there. There’s a video on the BabyDan website that tells you how they work.
* The BabyDan magnetic drawer locks did the business for the big saucepan drawer, and I’m guessing once he’s tall enough, we might have to put it on the cutlery drawer as well.
* I was really concerned about Ivo pushing is fingers into the plugs – mainly because I’ve been to other parents’ houses, and seen all these socket covers. However, my husband did a bit of research, and discovered the covers are actually more dangerous, and there’s no chance of babies managing to electrocute themselves with modern sockets. If you’re still not sure – take a look at this article from the Telegraph. It includes a warning from the Institution of Engineering and Technology, who call the covers ‘absurd and dangerous’.

* Ivo’s just discovered doors {and reaching for handles}. He likes the fact he can use them as a walking aide. As a consequence he’s shut himself in the bathroom more than once, and I’m completely paranoid about finger trapping in the hinge, and under the door. I’ve bought these Under Door Stoppers, which are brilliant at preventing the door going in either direction, although they’re not as attractive as my lovely Linley cheese stop.

The Dining Table
* We have this lovely glass dining table, that works brilliantly in our open plan space, but has corners exactly the same height as Ivo’s forehead. After a few near misses, I’ve given in to function over form, and bought these Safety Corners. I couldn’t face the foam ones, plus apparently babies just peel them off to chew. I’m hoping my corners last a bit longer.

The Sitting Room
* So far, we’ve left all our pictures frames and knick-knacks out on the coffee tables, in the hope that Ivo will learn that he can’t play with everything. It sort of works. He’s gradually getting more used to them being there, and that they’re not his toys. The biggest help is his playpen – which I’ve blogged about before. I know not everyone agrees with caging their little ones, but I with another baby on the way, I was keen to get Ivo used to his pen as soon as possible. We have the Baby Vivo – have a read of my blog posts on playpens for more info.

P.S. Although this article looks like an advert for BabyDan – it’s not! I just researched the best products, and like theirs the most!

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