Nursery Essentials – Three Best Baby Playmats

At first your baby won’t move, so all you’ll need is a baby gym – or Circle of Neglect, as I like to call them. But by about five months, your little one will start to roll over and reach for things, and then before you know it they’ll be sitting up. Long before this stage, you’ll need a playmat. I bought the large Taf Toys Touch Mat second-hand from eBay when Ivo was two months, and it’s one of my best buys. It’s not just a soft spot for your baby to hang out – it also creates a safe, clean baby zone. You can teach other children {and adults} not to walk across it in shoes, and it keeps toys within a certain perimeter – at first! The mat has adapted as Ivo has got bigger. At first he just lay on it and stared at the bright colours, and then gradually he started to interact with the textured accessories. I washed it about once a week – and it’s still in great condition. But now Ivo is ten months, and standing up with support – we need something even bigger, so I’m going to upgrade size-wise to a TLCmat Jigsaw Playmat, which I’ve spotted at a couple of friends’ houses. It looks super-adaptable, easy to clean, and hopefully will fill my new giant playpen!

{I want this!} Clockwise from top – 1. TLCmat Jigsaw Playmat, £32.82 | 2. Taf Toys Touch Mat, £39.99 – make sure you buy the large one – 150cm x 100cm | 3. Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym, approx £60

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