When it comes to playpens, I’m decided…..they’re essential. My sister never got one for her son – so I understand there are two camps on this issue, but in our flat, Ivo’s playpen {or playden as I like to call it}, is a key piece of kit. We’re planning on having another baby while he’s still small, and I can’t imagine what else you’re meant to do with a little toddler, if you’ve got to breastfeed one, and prevent the other from chewing on wires, and opening drawers. I’ve started Ivo in his playpen early, because I’ve heard that if you get children used to them, then they’re less likely to complain later. I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate, because aged 8 months, Ivo already holds on to the bars like he thinks he’s in prison. Equally, he’s happy to hang out in his den playing for at least 20 minutes, which gives me time to go the loo, shower and unload the dishwasher. I recommend the BabyDan from Argos {my favourite high-street store for nursery essentials!}. My husband set it up in no time at all, and it’s roomier than a travel cot, with a comfortable cushioned base. You can also extend it into a room divider, should you manage to make part of your house baby-proof – an impossible task, as far as I can tell!

{I want this!} Ivo standing up for the first time in his BabyDan from Argos, £69.95

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