Baby’s First Haircut at Mata Mata, London

Ivo’s been long-due a haircut for months, but we never got round to it! It wasn’t until his fringe was literally growing into his eyes, that we realised we had to take action. I’d heard about Mata Mata Hair Salon for children through a friend, and as it’s just down the road in Islington, it was the perfect option. It’s paradise for children! Instead of chairs, they have a selection of car-shaped seats, including a racing car, police patrol car and motorbike. There are books and toys everywhere, and iPads and mini-TV’s showing cartoons. We went for the First Haircut Package for £30, which included a certificate with photo, a keepsake lock of hair, a goody bag and a voucher for future use. Plus Mata Mata sent us all the pictures they took via email the next day – a really nice touch. Ivo took to the hair-cutting process very well – no tears, just a bit of restlessness near the end. His lovely hairdresser put us completely at ease, and I didn’t feel worried about sharp scissors near my baby’s ears at all! Be warned though – if you end up holding them for the final few snips, you do end up covered in hair – I felt very itchy afterwards!

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