Over on my wedding blog, I’ve been writing about a new micro trend for summer, and I realised it would work just as well for dinner parties and entertaining. Why not surprise your guests at your next soiree with edible flowers? I’m a terrible cook, and even I couldn’t mess this up! Buy your flowers direct from First Leaf and Greens of Devon in the UK, or grow your own with these seeds. I’m loving these creative ideas {below} for pretty cocktails, popsicles, cakes and even cheeses.

{Edible Flower Popsicle Recipe by Marla Meredith}

{1. Love Design Fest | 2. Design Love Fest}

{1. Brides of Adelaide | 2. Brownie Recipe by Raw Deserts}

{1. DIY Daisy Lollipops by Intimate Weddings | 2. Decorated Goats Cheeses}

{1. Elderflower Popsicles by ChewTown | 2. Divino Macaron}

{1. Brides Magazine | 2. Edible Flower Ice-cube Tutorial by The View From Great Island}

{1. Unknown | 2. Kiran Tarun}

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