The Need for White Noise

With our first baby, we never really used white noise. But our home was pretty quiet. That was before Ivo grew into a toddler. Now it’s rare for the house to be quiet during the day….which is a disaster for baby Arthur’s naps. We cottoned on to the idea of white noise machines when Arthur was about four months old, and we have two options, which we sometimes use together {let me explain!}.

The first is an app on the iPad {and iPhone} called White Noise Ambience Lite. It’s free, and brilliant. We use the Fan sound, and pretty much put it on full volume.

The second is Ewan the Dream Sheep, who was a baby shower gift from an old friend of mine, who knows nothing about babies, but did his research. It was the best present ever!

Ewan has four functions and a red pulsing light, which you can choose to have on or off. Our first baby was a brilliant sleeper, so we didn’t really use him much. Arthur is a different kettle of fish altogether, and Ewan has proved a life-saver.

The lullaby function definitely seems to calm him, and the fact the music finishes after 20 minutes, is a great way to judge Arthur’s sleep cycle {which tends to last about 40 minutes before he comes into shallow sleep again}.

Incidentally, if you don’t fancy locking your iPad or iPhone in the room with your baby overnight, a cheaper option is to buy this white noise machine. I’ve never used it, but it comes highly recommended by the lovely Cup of Jo blog.

{Pictures of Arthur last night, in a Pottery Barn sleeping sac, similar available from Marks & Spencer, lying on a Baroo Breastfeeding pillow, £19.99. Sheep quilt by Zara Kids. Star bodysuit by Mothercare.

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