We moved to Dubai when Ivo was 16 months and Arthur 5 weeks old. It was one of the craziest things we’ve done, and if I had my time again I definitely wouldn’t do it. Not that we’re not happy out here, but looking after a newborn is pretty knackering at the best of times, let alone when you’re packing up your life. We shipped most of our possessions, including Ivo’s toys, but we had choose a small selection to come with us in the suitcase, while the ship chugged all the way to Dubai. It was really difficult to make a decision, but top of the list was Ivo’s Brio train set. He’s absolutely obsessed with it, and despite the recommended age being 3 and over, he’s already building tracks, and watching the train go round and round. Brio is incredibly well made, and incredibly expensive, so we’ve added a good few sets of Ikea track. They don’t fit quite as well, but they’re easily half the price. If you want to buy Brio, then do check out eBay – there’s plenty of second-hand sets for sale.

Best Buys {clockwise} – 1. Starter train set from Ikea, £8  | 2. BRIO Deluxe Railway Set, £155 from Amazon 3. Ten Pack of Track, £5 from Ikea 4. Bridge & Tunnel Set, from Ikea, £8 5. BRIO Country Railway Set, £51 from Amazon |  6. BRIO Big Green Locomotive Train, £16.80 from Amazon

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