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Toddler’s Favourite Toys – Ivo aged nearly 2

I’ve always loved Lego, although I don’t remember ever really having any as a child. I have a faint memory of a box of it at my grandmother’s house, but we never had it at home. Now, it’s all over my house! I found a couple of bits in the shower yesterday, and a train carriage in the fridge. Ever since Ivo’s grandmother gave him this Duplo train set for Christmas, he’s become obsessed. 

At first he built towers, but now it’s all about connecting the carriages into a long snake, and driving it around the sitting room. He also likes lifting blocks with the helicopter from the Fire & Rescue Set. That’s the great thing about Duplo – it’s the toy that keeps on giving – Ivo can adapt it according to his interests.

{I want this!} 1 {20% off} / 2

It’s crazily expensive out here in Dubai {like double!}, so I’ve been ordering sets off Amazon, and second-hand bundles from eBay. Ivo got this lovely tractor set for his birthday as well, so we’ve got a huge collection now. It’s still tempting to buy him more!

{I want this!} Clockwise from top left 1 {currently half price!} / 2 {currently half price!} / 3

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