Ever since Ivo could stand, bath-time has become something of a challenge! He’s always trying to escape – either to dig out the plug, hang off the tap, or clamber out the bath. Even though he’s now 15 months, we still wash him in his baby bath because the alternative of constantly bending over is too exhausting. At least the baby bath contains him! Plus I’ve been pregnant for the last nine months – so perhaps once the bump is gone, I’ll feel a bit more able. Anyway! Thanks to a present from a fab friend, we have found the standing solution. These brilliant foam letters completely absorb him, and are hugely educational as well. We sing the ABC song, spell out his him {me, not him}, and stick letters to the side of the bath. He loves them, and I’m hoping that through the process of osmosis, it’ll move his literacy on leaps and bounds!

{I want this!} Bathtime Buddies Wet ‘n’ Stick Alphabet Set, £6.85

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