Three of the Best Toy Balls for Your Baby

A few weeks ago we realised that Ivo didn’t own a single toy ball! Considering my husband has high hopes that Ivo’s going to be a very well paid sportsman of some sort, this was a serious aberration in the world of toy purchases. My husband decided this was the kind of task he could really get his teeth into, and thanks to the wonders of Amazon Prime {I love Amazon!}, three balls arrived in the post the next day. They’ve all been a huge success for different reasons, and I’d recommend all three for a six month old. P.S. If you’ve ever wanted to buy a toy, and wondered which are the best, go to the Amazon website, and change the ‘Sort By’ drop down menu to ‘Popularity’. You’ll be amazed how many people get really passionate in their toy reviews!

{I want this} Clockwise from Top Left

1. Maisy Mouse Soft Ball, £6.79 – This ball is smaller than the others, and made out of a wipeable plastic. For some reason Ivo gets very excited whenever he sees it, and waves it madly before gumming it with real passion. I haven’t worked out why he loves it so much – maybe the texture? A winner either way!

VTech Crawl and Learn Bright Lights Ball, £8.70 – This brilliant ball magically rolls on its own, so it encourages your baby to chase after it. Ivo’s not crawling yet, but he’s very good at dragging himself along on his tummy. There’s lots of buttons to press, and each one creates a different noise, and although Ivo hasn’t figured out what’s what, he accidentally presses the buttons all the time, and loves the noises and bright lights. It does sing ALOT, and after a while the tune will be engraved on your brain, but I reckon that’s just the deal with being a parent.

3. Blossom Farm Chime Ball, £5.80 – This ball is a super-soft and would be suitable for babies much younger than Ivo’s six months. It contains a soft-sounding bell, that chimes gently, and Ivo loves shaking it like a rattle. This is the ball we’ve used for practicing catch – you can throw the ball at your baby, and even if you miss slightly and it bounces off their nose, it doesn’t hurt! It’s squishy enough for little chubby hands to hold easily, and there’s a nice long label that Ivo likes to gum.
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