There’s not much you can do about the reality of a flight with babies and toddlers – it’s going to get messy. But I’m a strong believer, that with a decent amount of prep, and the right kit, you can at least manage the misery to the bare minimum. I’ve been mugging up on the best travel prams and luggage, and I’ve come up with this list of best buys. See what you think, and keep me posted on your favourite purchase.

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Skip Hop Zoo Trolley {Dubai link}, £40
I’ve not tried these yet, but I’d bet bigger toddlers would love to take responsibility for their own hand-luggage with these wheelie bags. I’ve heard Trunkies area bit of waste of money – if your child doesn’t fancy sitting on it, then you end up carrying both the toddler and the bag. At least these would be light-weight! You might want to add a matching neck rest {Dubai link}!

Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier {Dubai link}, £130
I find the easiest way to keep my baby calm in an airport is to wear them! Even though Arthur is now 11 months, I’ll still stick him in the Ergobaby, and use the buggy to carry all my hand luggage. Facing out, he gets to see everything, and facing in, he’ll happily drift off to sleep. A great buy, particularly if you have to get off the plane at nap-time. If you’re looking for an alternative to the Ergobaby, I’m also a massive fan of Baby Bjorn carriers, they’re best-sellers and usually the market’s right!

Phil &Teds Traveller Cot, {Dubai Link}, £150
For years, I’ve sworn by my BabyBjorn Travel Cot. Ivo’s slept happily in it since he was three months. We used it as a temporary cot in our bedroom, once he grew out of his Moses basket. Sturdy & easy to erect, it weights in at only 7kg. I didn’t think it was possible to beat it on functionality. But Phil & Teds have gone and bettered them, with a travel cot that’s only 3.2kg. It has a comfy self expanding thermally insulating mattress and includes a fitted sheet. I’m particularly impressed that the side unzips – no more hanging over the top of the cot to comfort your baby.

Skip Hop Zoo Let Backpack {Dubai link}, £20
These cute animal rucksacks are the perfect addition to an independent toddler. My son Ivo is two, and he loves carrying his own drink and sticker books. The backpack has a safety harness, strap and rein, which makes them easier to grab and control in a crowd. You might want to add a matching drink bottle {Dubai link} or insulated food jar.

Pacapod Changing Bags, {Dubai link for other bags} from £100
I’ve got the Mirano, but I’m pretty keen on this Portland Pacapod as well. These bags are brilliant for keeping track on the endless amount of ‘stuff’ you’re required to cart around with a baby. They’re basically the Concorde of changing / diaper bags. You get one large bag containing two brilliantly designed pods. One is for feeding, the other for changing, and they’ve got all sorts of genius spaces and compartments for wipes, cream, nappies, bibs, cutlery and food. There’s insulated bits for keeping bottles warm, and special pram attachment straps. The whole thing is wipe-clean. They really have thought of everything! Read my full review of the Pacapod.

Mountain Buggy Nano Black {Dubai link}, approx £200
This award winning pram is the ultimate travel stroller. It is so compact it easily fits in the overhead locker for most planes, so no more carrying your child to the baggage claim. The Nano can be used from newborn and takes up to 20kg {the average 4/5 year old}. You might want the All-Weather Set {Dubai link} and the Bag too.

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