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Our baby is a pretty well travelled little bug. I have friends in Majorca, and mid-week flights are super-cheap, so I’ve been popping over for visits, and now we’re on our first proper family holiday in Crete. Ivo travels reasonably well, but as any mum will understand, a good trip is all about the sleeping. That’s why I was thrilled when the lovely people over at SnoozeShade sent me over a travel cot shade and for SnoozeShade Plus for my Baby Jogger City pram. Both have won a ridiculous number of awards, and I can easily understand why! Every now and then you buy a baby product that you can’t live without, and the SnoozeShade for my pram has become a key piece of kit. During the day it protects Ivo from the sun {it blocks 97.5% of the sun’s UV rays}, and at night, it keeps him asleep while we go out for dinner. It’s literally changed our life! The SnoozeShade Cot is fab as well. Our hotel has black-out curtains to stop the morning sun, but Ivo goes down to sleep much earlier than us, and the SnoozeShade means we can keep the lights on, without worrying about him waking up. No more getting dressed for dinner in the dark!

{Pictures} Ivo asleep at the foot of the famous 365 Calvari steps in Pollença in Majorca…and still sleeping even once the SnoozeShade is taken down!

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