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Are you any good at taking photographs? I find it really difficult to get decent shots of my boys, despite buying a really good digital camera. They just never sit still! And they change so quickly – I worry that I’m not capturing their little personalities on film. So I was thrilled when our lovely wedding photographer, Chloé from Caught the Light, started taking portrait pictures on film.

I’m a huge fan of film photography – it’s slightly geeky – but you can really tell the difference between digital photographs and film photographs. There’s a luminescence – a type of glow in the pictures that you just can’t replicate.

This portrait session was designed to mark Ivo’s first birthday. As ever I had intended to choose special clothes and have a real think about the style of photographs, but in the end I didn’t have time, and we just threw things together!

It probably worked out to give us more natural pictures, and Chloé is brilliant at making you relax in-front of her camera. She somehow manages to keep up friendly conversation, while doing all her technical wizardry with light monitors and lenses.

We chose Colombia Road for our little photo shoot because it’s one of our favourite places, and it’s round the corner from our house. We love the little streets, quirky boutiques and pretty little park. On Sunday’s there’s an amazing Flower Market, which is a great place for an engagement photo shoot. It’s definitely worth having a good think about the location for your portraits – if in doubt, go for a garden or park.

It’s amazing looking back on these pictures – they’re a whole year old now, and Ivo is a much bigger toddler. You can just about see that I was five months pregnant with Arthur, who is now a plump ten months!

We were so thrilled with these portraits, that we actually asked Chloé to do another shoot just after Arthur’s birth – I’ll share those pictures with you soon.

For more of Chloé’s work, take a look at her website and blog, and I’d definitely recommend booking her for your a family portrait session. We’ve got framed pictures from our shoot all over our house, and all the grandparents were thrilled to receive copies.

We’ve even used them as thank you cards – we uploaded them to an App on my iPhone called Touchnote, which creates lovely postcards and sends them on your behalf – a brilliant option when you’re living abroad.

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