Gorgeous City Jogger Livy Luloo Liners

Before having my baby, I had no idea how prams could be desirable. Even now, as I type that, I feel slightly foolish, but it’s true. I get pram-envy when I see Bugaboo Cameleons, even though I’m happy with my Stokke Xplory and Baby Jogger City Mini {for travel} prams. So you can imagine it doesn’t take much to encourage me to want to pimp my prams with fabulous accessories. I’ve even got a coffee holder for my Stokke! That’s why I was so excited to try out the Livy Luloo Liners for my Baby Jogger City Mini. They come in several lovely designs – Jennifer sent me the blue star {reversable} one, and a great grey spot one as well. So I swapped our John Lewis lambskin liner for the blue stars, and it’s fantastic! The liners are really well made, and look expensive, plus they’re easy to throw in the washing machine if your little one has an accident. Putting them on the pram feels a bit like putting on a new outfit – I can’t wait to try out the grey spots!

{I want one} Livy Luloo Liners, £34

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  1. Bootique on August 28, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    very cute, can the next post be about double buggies!!!?? x

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