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My husband can’t wait for our little boy to grow up, so that we can buy him one of these adorable retro-style pedal push cars. We could almost buy one now – they’re pretty enough to be purely decorative. Some of them {like the Porsche} are seriously expensive, but my favourite – the Baghera Retro plane, is £82 on Amazon. Definitely worth splashing out for Christmas or a birthday.

{Product Credits} Top L-R 1. Baghera Retro Grey Plane, £82 2. Red Monaco Pedal Car, £123.34 | 3. Baghera Push-along Police Car, £74 | Middle L-R 1. Green Pedal Car, £183.47 | 2. Blue Baghera Monthlery Metal Car, £182 |  3. Silver Porsche 356 Pedal Car, £239.99 | 4. Baghera Riverside White and Blue, £113 | Bottom L-R 1. Marquant Vintage Kids Pedal Car Fire Truck, £82.90 | 2. Baghera Black Racer, £64 | 3. Baghera Speedster Silver, £74

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